How to learn any language

Are you struggling to pick up Czech? Or any other language? Spanish, English or Russian? Learning a new language can be tough, but if you follow certain techniques, you will be surprised about the quick progress you are making. 

During this three-hour course I would like to share with you effective methods and techniques that work for me and for my students. My name is Lucie Gramelová, I am a linguist, polyglot, teacher. I have reached fluency in twelve languages and I continue learning other languages actively. My mother tongue is Czech and language learning is my passion.  I have written several books on languages


Times and prices

price: 700 Kč

The group maximum is eight people.

Please, see the courses timetable here.

The courses take place at Mečislavova 7 (Praha 4-Nusle)

I also offer individual meetings, do not hesitate to contact me

Thinking about coming? In the meantime you can try one of these tips:

  • try audiovisual learning, YouTube channels (such as Italiano Automatico or French with Alexa) or EnglishCentral, repeating aloud a lot
  • try Easy Readers and easy texts in general, again read them out loud
  • use flashcards (QuizletMemrise)
  • practice monologues, shower conversation – just speak to yourself
  • write diaries, notes, journals, shopping lists, whatever
  • try movie/ songs-based learning
  • use my favorite techniques: imitation and substitution – once you hear a phrase you like, try to repeat it authentically and then try to change it

How to register for this course

If you are interested, please fill in the form. I will send you the confirmation as soon as possible. Or you can simply write me an email

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